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Safe Shelter for Disabled Persons

This was purely “A call of God” who offered sufficient  grace to rescue, rehabilitate, re-integrate, resocialise and protect persons with disabilities from more vulnerable situations e.g. street, abandoned, lost, abused and neglected. Some of the objectives for this program are;

  1. Rescue of persons with disabilities.
  2. Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.
  3. Re-integration of Persons with disabilities.
  4. Re-socialisation of Persons with disabilities.
  5. Protection of persons with disabilities from getting into more vulnerabilities

Persons with disabilities undergo vulnerable circumstances e.g. rejection, isolation, lack of opportunities e.g. healthcare, education & social amenities owing to their specific disabilities. They are misinterpreted, and mistreated as opposed to getting support to get over their challenging aspects.

Utugi Angels offers a safety shelter where the needs of the rescued persons with disabilities are holistically addressed e.g. nutrition, sanitary & hygiene, therapy services, health attention, educational services (skill development), psycho-social support through counseling and various therapy services and play.

The safe shelter will need to be equipped with sanitary and hygiene facilities e.g. Special toilets, washing and drying machines, bed and beddings, disposal containers of diapers and pads, shelves for clothes and personal care items and recreation space.

Special needs shelters are an open space operation area so minimal walking is required.

The Proposed Masterplan For

Utugi Angels Safe Shelter