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Sanctuary Therapy Services

Therapy plays a critical role in supporting management of persons with disability in terms of care and protection and access to learning, recreation and personal development. For this reason, access to well-planned, responsive and targeted therapy services for those individuals who need them is vital for maximizing their potential to achieve successful long term social, medical, educational and economic outcomes.

Rescuing persons with diverse forms of disabilities persuaded us to start devising diverse interventions which would ensure that those rescued received adequate attention and care, hence various forms of therapy services, e.g. occupational therapy, music therapy, sensory therapy, etc.

This necessitated the establishment of the Sanctuary Therapy Services.  Therefore, this program offers a holistic therapy approach to disability services.

We needed an inhouse therapy services because it is the most transformative activity in disability service provision and thus outsourcing it  was expensive in terms of time, transport costs, cost of intervention and human resource required.

Sanctuary Therapy Services is one stop therapy services provision, enabling the rescued special needs persons and those within our community to have easy access to this very basic need. some of the services that we offer include:

  1. Pastoral care based therapy for persons with disabilities.
  2. Counseling based therapy for persons with disabilities.
  3. Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Occupation therapy for persons with disabilities.
  4. Animal based therapy for persons with disabilities.
  5. Music therapy for persons with disabilities.
  6. Sensory therapy for persons with disabilities and any other emerging form of therapy.

Currently we have a metallic fence for this space which is divided into the specific therapies hoped for. We intend to equip the sanctuary therapy grounds with the facilities e.g. hydrotherapy, a music therapy, physiotherapy, counseling, sensory therapy, special sports, peace corner and the completion of a building for physical therapy equipment.

The Proposed Masterplan For

Sanctuary Therapy Services