Eden Food Forest Farm

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Eden Food Forest Farm

Nearly 1000 individuals are benefiting from our various interventions, this is in addition to the special needs children who are currently staying at our center. To cater for this number, we needed to have a stable food supply mechanism. Eden Food Forest Farm was established  to bridge this gap, to produce food for consumption and sale. We sell excess food to the nearby markets, institutions and homes to support the running costs of our institution.

The main objectives of the Eden Food Forest Farm are;

  1. Maximizing food production for the sustenance of our programs.
  2. Community training model farm to enlighten communities on food security and environmental conservation.
  3. Rehabilitating persons with disabilities through impartation of farming skills.
  4. Experimenting new farming techniques.

We have a poultry farm consisting of 1000 hens; a dairy farm holding up to 7 cows; vegetable garden and fruits and staple crops like maize. We also have sheep for meat, fertilizer and wool production.

On a daily basis we get 20 liters from our dairy farm which is both consumed at the institution and sold as well.

Currently, we are using our bio-waste for growing food through drip irrigation but the safe shelters which are supposed to be the rain water harvest areas are not yet constructed. We already have the drip-irrigation pipes in store awaiting connection when we do the construction.

The Proposed Masterplan For

Eden Food Forest Farm