Story of Ted, Ron and Peter

Ted Mutiga –  (name given) was an abandoned child with the autism spectrum. At first he was a very temperamental child. He would convulse upto 24 times a day. Under management through psychiatric drugs, therapy, nutrition and psycho social support, Ted has since gained a hearty smile, convulses on average once per week, has gained weight and is progressively stabilizing on mobility.

Through therapy, he had stopped using diapers and can slowly walk to the toilet and help himself without assistance. With reduced convulsions, he has regained his mental health state, though he has just started calling out names of people and types of food, he seems to be of high intellectual levels and can access education with support and do exploits despite his challenge in speech and physique.


Ron Mirigu – Ron (name given) Mirigu, was an abandoned child with autism and diagnosed with hepatic disease. Family tracing has been unsuccessful but the boy has since progressed and can now walk, has stopped consuming his own stool through nutrition intervention and has gained weight progressively. He cannot talk but has increased sounds and recently shown interest in wearing shoes by himself.

We hope that he can access better medical attention in the future when we have funds. Meanwhile, the boy has really transformed in terms of health and behavior. His Cost of maintenance are high owing to supported toileting e.g use of diapers, psychiatric drugs and nutritional needs.


Peter Kamau – Peter is a case of microcephaly that has lost many opportunities in life owing to his disability type. He is Blessed man and leads congregation in spiritual matters despite his blurred speech but his very high self-esteem had built himself a network of friends. He learns practical skills in our innovation and training Centre (The S.I.R.I.T. center). He is progressing slowly but positively.

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