Story of Kevin, Fred and James

Kevin Wachira – Kevin was handed to Utugi Angels Community by the police after being on Limuru town streets for some time.  In the process of tracing his family, one of our visitors at the community recognized him and provided us with the details of his nuclear family. We successfully reintegrated him back into his family in Ndeiya.


Fred Wekesa – Fred, a mentally challenged young adult lived in the streets of Nderu, Ndeiya. Utugi After three years of his disappearance, we traced his family and successfully re-united him with his kinsmen based in Naitiri Sub-County, Bungoma.


James Ekutan – After his mother died, James lived with his grandmother in a nylon shelter, the nearest school was 26 kilometers away his home and due to his physical disability, he could not walk that long. This denied him the opportunity to access basic education, health and social amenities. This was coupled by his grandmother’s inability to provide for him.

Utugi Angels took James to The Littleton School, the best that offers individualized attention to him thus enabling him to catch up and compete with his age mates since he had spent a lot of time outside school. Because of Littleton School, James is now a rejuvenated person.

James aspired to become a bishop, to preach the good news and be a source of hope for many children and individuals who have no access to education, health and spiritual development opportunities

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