Story of Joseph, Simon and Francis

Joseph Njenga РUtugi Angels rescued Joseph from the streets of Nairobi. He has a case of Down syndrome. Since bringing him in the community he has really transformed in terms of behavior and development. Joseph can now do ornaments and jewelry as an economic activity to earn a living.

Some persons with disabilities on the streets are also abused in terms of unpaid labor, transport of substance and illegal things due to their low mental health capacities. Utugi Angels saved him from such vices.


Simon Githire – Simon, a beneficiary of Utugi Angels is among the three beneficiaries currently heading Hygiene and Sanitation department. He is a case of cerebral palsy. He also works partly in the cottage industries. Utugi Angels trained and built his skills in the ornaments and jewellery production and housekeeping. He is very dedicated in service.


Francis Kamau – Francis is a case of cerebral palsy, Utugi Angels has been dedicated to see him off the wheelchair and milestones arrived at are promising. With consistent therapy. We hope to him start walk properly in less than an year from now. We however needs assistive devices to achieve this.

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