Story of Agnes, Rachel and Christine

Agnes Njeri – Agnes a widow and  mother of three, lost her eye sight. She had lost hopes due this state of life. Utugi Angels intervened and took her for rehabilitation at Machakos Technical for the blind where she undertook a course in massage. Today, she is employed at a therapy clinic in Kiambu Town. She has attained some economic freedom.


Rachel Wangare – We rescued Rache , a lady with severe mental disability from the streets of Limuru Town. Rachel was rehabilitated to a point of self-care and after successful family tracing, she was re-united with her nuclear family in Gachie, Kihara, Kiambu.


Christine Warigia – Christine, a mother of three lost her eye sight at an adult age. This was such a hit that she even considered suicide. Utugi Angels partially supported her access rehabilitation after which she took a course in massage at Machakos Technical School for the Blind. After graduation, Utugi Angels employed her. She heads the Safe Shelter as she better understands the needs for persons with disabilities and also supports on the therapy services. Today, she manages to handle her family with independence and has fully accepted her status.

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