Story of Agnes, Rachel and Christine

Agnes Njeri – Agnes a widow and  mother of three, lost her eye sight. She had lost hopes due this state of life. Utugi Angels intervened and took her for rehabilitation at Machakos Technical for the blind where she undertook a course in massage. Today, she is employed at a therapy clinic in Kiambu Town. […]

Story of Ted, Ron and Peter

Ted Mutiga –  (name given) was an abandoned child with the autism spectrum. At first he was a very temperamental child. He would convulse upto 24 times a day. Under management through psychiatric drugs, therapy, nutrition and psycho social support, Ted has since gained a hearty smile, convulses on average once per week, has gained […]

Story of George, Patrick and Peter

George – As an alumnus of Utugi Angels, George had a case of dyslexia, Utugi Angels developed his skills and talent. After his recovery we retained him at the community. His interest and desire to become better led him to becoming one of the staff and heading the SIRIT Centre, an innovation and training programme. […]

Story of Joseph, Simon and Francis

Joseph Njenga – Utugi Angels rescued Joseph from the streets of Nairobi. He has a case of Down syndrome. Since bringing him in the community he has really transformed in terms of behavior and development. Joseph can now do ornaments and jewelry as an economic activity to earn a living. Some persons with disabilities on the […]

Story of Kevin, Fred and James

Kevin Wachira – Kevin was handed to Utugi Angels Community by the police after being on Limuru town streets for some time.  In the process of tracing his family, one of our visitors at the community recognized him and provided us with the details of his nuclear family. We successfully reintegrated him back into his […]